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 ISB Presents: WrestleMania V

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PostSubject: ISB Presents: WrestleMania V   ISB Presents: WrestleMania V Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2012 12:56 am

The fifth edition of ISB WrestleMania was posted on 9/3/2012 and the matches on the card are listed below as well as their topics.

ISB Presents: WrestleMania V WHC

Match Type: Triple Threat One Post KO

Match Topic:

Which superstar is the greatest World Champion in the past 10 years in WWE based off of the list provided here? Provide evidence of why you think your choice is the greatest as well.

ISB Presents: WrestleMania V ArnyvsRyan-1

Match Type: One Post KO

Match Topic:

Name three games that could be considered for “Game of This Gen” and mention your reasons why you these games are your choices.

ISB Presents: WrestleMania V JuiceVsFn

Match Type: Thread Match

Match Topic:

Let’s think of the scenario of if THQ has decided to focus on particular eras of the wrestling history in its upcoming video games just the same way as they have for WWE ’13, what era of the WWE do you think that they should focus on in an upcoming game. In your thread, tell me how the game based on the era you chose would work. Be as creative as you like as I’m leaving this pretty open ended on purpose.

ISB Presents: WrestleMania V MitrB

Match Type: MITB Match

The MITB is a unique match type. To fully explain the ins and out of the match type I’ve taken the liberty of copying the rules for the match from the Home Thread. Ask questions if you want to know anything.

“• Money In The Bank – The winner is the first person to get the briefcase. He or she gets a contract to challenge for any title. 6-8 people compete in this match. There will be several quick rounds (if needed). The first person to win a quick round has a chance to reach for the briefcase. The GM will ask you to pick a # from 1-10. If you correctly guess the right #, you win the match. If you don't, another round will begin.”

Match Topic:

Credit to MITB match topics go to our ISB World Champion Serpent.222. Thanks man!

MITB Round 1:

Christian retrieving the title at Extreme Rules a month after his best friend is forced to retire. Daniel Bryan winning and eventually cashing in MITB to go from Indy God to mainstream wrestling champion. Austin Aries giving up his championship for an opportunity at the big time and pushing through. Who should be the next breakthrough success story and how do you see it happening? This can be someone recapturing glory, breaking the glass story, or a whole new megastar being born. Be creative here.

Posts for this round are due on September 5, 2012 @ 8pm boards time.

ISB Presents: WrestleMania V DelvsEoin-1

Match Type: Debate Match

Match Topic:

Which WWE superstar is the most deserving of a World Title run currently? Support your choice and your choices are first come, first serve.

Opening Match

#1 Contender Match For Junior Heavyweight Championship

ISB Presents: WrestleMania V WWEboo vs. ISB Presents: WrestleMania V Thespider1

Match Type: One Post KO

Match Topic:

In the past few months, TNA seems to have been gaining some popularity in the wrestling community. Do you think that this is a threat to the WWE? If so, what measures would you take if you were WWE to insure your supremacy in sport’s entertainment?
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ISB Presents: WrestleMania V
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