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PostSubject: -|- ISB Presents: WrestleMania 2 [3-30-08] -|-   -|- ISB Presents: WrestleMania 2 [3-30-08] -|- Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2012 1:33 am

-|- ISB Presents: WrestleMania 2 [3-30-08] -|- 250px-WM2ISB

Below is the archive of the ISB WrestleMania 2 event. Information will be edited over time until as complete as possible.

Welcome to ISB WrestleMania 2! ISB has been going strong for well over a year, and reaching such an achievement like this is huge for everyone in the ISB. Without Jim, none of this would be possible, so a special thanks goes to him for getting everyone hooked. Now, this is a very special card, and everyone has worked hard to make sure you never forget it. This card will features Fourteen matches in all - Six from Raw, six from SmackDown!, and two inter-promotional matches, pitting SD! and Raw against each other.

Out of fourteen matches, half of them will be for Gold. Every Championship from Raw will be decided, while SmackDown! has three out of four Title's on the line. IntelligentOne16cam won the first ever ISB Royal Rumble, and looks to take the SD! World Debate Championship from LeopardZ. On the Raw side, a heated battle between RKOmaster_ and -hbk_showstoppa comes to an end. This will be RKOmaster_'s final match. Will he leave the ISB as a World Champ, or will -hbk_showstoppa dethrone him? We also can't forget about the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, featuring last years winner, undertakerNkane. So, for all those participating, and those out there watching, lets start the show!

Official WM2 Theme Song

PPV: ISB WrestleMania 2
Location: Detrot, MI
Venue: Ford Field
Brands: SmackDown! and Raw
Theme Song: "Everyday Combat" by Lost Prophets
Start Date: Sunday, March 30th, 2008
End Date: Saturday, April 12th, 2008 (8PM Board Time)

Match Fourteen

RKOMaster_ (champion) vs. -hbk_showstoppa

Match Type: Hell In A Cell

Title: ISB Raw World Championship

Match Description: The current ISB HIAC Match wouldn't fit the kind of match you two want, which is a debate, so it has been tweaked quite a bit. This is how the match will work: You will need 125 points in total to win - Your opening post will be worth 20 points, and each rebuttal will be worth 15. However, there are certain things that will gain you extra points, though we will not tell you what they are, so the match is harder.

Topic: If we were to go 20+ years into the future - who's career would have more of a legacy - Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton?

-ISB RAW World Championship Match Results Part #1 -

-Opening Posts-


-Seemed to discredit the experience level of the two.
-Treated Orton as if he has done nothing in his career.
-Listing all of his accomplishments wasn't needed. It was nice, but it could have just been mentioned here and there instead of just listing them.
-Did a nice job of building up HBK.
-Also, did a good job at establishing HBK as a legend in the business with a great legacy.

Score: 21/25


-Some of the things used to discredit HBK (namely part II) weren't as effective as made out to be.
-Listed some good reasons as to why Orton is the still building his future.
-Used the careers to his advantage, time-wise.
-Brought up what Orton has done in line to HBK at that time.

Score: 23/25


-You seemed to bring up accomplishments quite a few times.
-Seems like your rebuttals lacked confidence.
-Used the fact that opinions are not needed when clearly using many of his own beforehand.
-Contradicted yourself on a couple of instances.

Score: 7/15

-Ripped James a new one...Literally.

Score: 14/15

-Total Scores-

-hbk_showstoppa: 28
RKOmaster_: 37

Match Ten

SJDubya24 (champion) vs. xtremewwe13

Match Type: 2 Out of 3 Falls

Title: ISB Raw Impact Championship

Topic - Round 1: Who is the bigger legend - Undertaker or Shawn Michaels? Explain why you chose either one of them, and back up your claims. Make your post by Thursday, 8PM Board Time. If you two finish before the deadline, then Round Two will be up earlier. Good luck.

Match Nine

619IsDeadly vs. brw6

Match Type: Be The Booker

Topic: "Book your dream match". Pretty simple, book what you consider to be your ultimate dream match

Opening Bout

Da_Big_Nasty vs. -Lex-Nox- vs. DXRevolution vs. -InSANEity- vs. ironcurtain1 vs. CDawg003 vs. jpmegami vs. Gamer4566

Match Type: Money In The Bank Ladder Match

How It Works: The winner is the first person to get the briefcase. He or she gets a contract to challenge for any title. There will be several quick rounds (if needed). The first person to win a quick round has a chance to reach for the briefcase. A Raw or SmackDown! GM will ask you to pick a # from 1-10. If you correctly guess the right #, you win the match. If you don't, another round will begin.

Topic - Round 1: The MITB Ladder Match has occured at every WrestleMania since WM21. The question is - Do you think the MITB Ladder Match is losing steam? Do you feel they should continue to have a MITB Ladder Match once a year, or every couple of years? Explain yourself.

Round 1 Scores

Da_big_nasty - 10/20

DXRevolution - 13.5/20

-inSANEity- - 16.5/20

Lex-Nox - 15/20

ironcurtain - 14.5/20

CDawg003 - 11.5/20

jpmegami - 12.5/20

Gamer4566 - 12/20

The winner of this round is -inSANEity-. AJ chose the number 8, which is NOT the correct number. This means another round will begin.

ISB Money In The Bank Round # 2

Topic: Which storyline had the most potential but didn't live up to it's potential? This is strictly in-regards to WWE.

ISB Money In The Bank Round # 2 Scores

Da_big_nasty - 12.5/20

DXRevolution - 16.5/20

-inSANEity- - 14/20

Lex-Nox - 14.5/20

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