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 ||---||ISB: IGN SmackDown! Board Home Thread||---||

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PostSubject: ||---||ISB: IGN SmackDown! Board Home Thread||---||   Fri May 18, 2012 8:15 pm

Welcome to the ISB Home Thread. Here you will find all the information you need such as:Rosters, Championships, History, Signing Up, Pay-Per-Views, Matches Types and various other sections. Keep in mind that the ISB Home Thread will be updated whenever management feels it's necessary. We want to bring everyone the most up-to-date information possible. Here, you may share ideas you have for the future of the ISB, problems you are currently having and whatever else, as long as it is ISB related. Please try not to spam the thread. Have fun as we really want for the reincarnation of the ISB to stay around for a long time.

Added in new roster, all new Home Thread information in the works to be posted within the week. -Ksquall1

If you are new to the ISB, are would like to know what it is, please read the following information. If you would like to sign up afterwards, just post in this thread asking if you can sign up for the ISB. Everyone is welcome. However, give us time to respond to you, as we are usually quite busy.

-What is the ISB?-

The ISB stands for IGN SmackDown! Board. It was created by Moderator jim784m, to keep the entire board busy during the downtime between SmackDown! games in 2007. It works just like the WWE does. New cards are posted each week. There are also 4 yearly Pay-Per-Views to go along with it. If you are chosen after signing up, you will be given the opportunity to choose Heel/Face status, and may choose a representative, among other things. The most important thing to remember though, is have fun.

-Who Currently Runs The ISB?-

Over the years, the ISB has been headed or ran by many different individuals; however, as things stand now ISB is ran by Ksquall1. There is also a staff of ISB Referees whose primary goal is to judge the ISB matches fairly and effectively. The members of ISB Management may judge matches as well. A break-down of Management and The ISB Referee staff is below.

ISB Chief Operating Officer and General Manager:

ISB Referees:

Not an entirely new concept but one that was used in the past in the ISB SmackDown! Brand. ISB referees allow for effective judging without strain on the General Managers who also act as judges themselves. Each of these names have plenty of experience so respect their analysis of your match as you would any member of ISB management as they are officials.

Also other users may assist in the booking and judging of matches. Remember that any possible help is often welcome and if we truly need someone then we’ll honor the request of the mature user. The goal here is to continue to have an ISB which will flow smoothly and without issue.

-Superstars Options-

-Ask for a title shot
-Ask for a match
-Issue an open challenge
-Cut a promo
-Ask to form a tag team
-Ask to form a stable/faction
-Ask to be released

Official ISB Roster

Roster card credit goes to our Photoshop guru JuiceBox96.

If your name doesn't appear on this list, there is no need to fear...if you're a part of ISB then you're a part of ISB. I'll just edit the thread at any given time and add you.

-ISB Championships-:

ISB World Heavyweight Championship:

Current Champion: Serpent222

This is the most prestigious championship in the ISB. A number of the most historical ISB superstars have held this championship and it is only won by those superstars which are the best of the best.

ISB Pure Championship:

Current Champion: JuiceBox96

The unique stipulation involving this mid-card championship is that once a superstar wins this title, he has to choose one special match type to contest this championship in for the remainder of his reign. One Post Knock-Out matches aren’t allowed.

ISB Jr. Heavyweight Championship:

Current Champion: EoinC417

The ISB Jr. Heavyweight Championship is designed with the light heavyweight superstar in mind in terms of word limit in posts. In matches involving this championship, no more than 1000 words may be posted. The Junior Heavyweight division is a division of its own, and this championship shows the truly gifted in this division.

ISB World Tag Team Champions

Current Holders: Dark Resistance (Serpent222 and Arny)

Some of the greatest tag teams in the history of the SmackDown board has held this championship.

Grab yourself a partner and make a name for yourself as a tag-team!


Below is the revised ISB PPV schedule. As the reader may notice, ISB will be hosting the “Big Four” PPVs instead of a PPV every month. In lieu of this, ISB will be hosting a special match card once a month such as ISB Roulette, Extreme Rules, ISB King of the Ring, etc.

Royal Rumble - January
WrestleMania - March
SummerSlam - August
Survivor Series - November

--ISB Match Types--

Below are the match types for ISB, if you have any questions about these match types then ask and we’ll be more than happy to explain them to you.

-Normal Match Types-
• Armaggedon
• Fatal Four-Way
• Five-Way Dance
• Handicap
• Single
• Tag Team
• Triple Threat
• Two out of Three Falls

-Gimmick Matches-

4 Corners – There are four competitors (or four teams of 2). Only two users may be in the ring at a time. The two users in the ring face off in a round and the loser leaves the match. After the round, another person will come in and another round will happen. Repeat until there's only 1 person left - the winner. You each have one tag allowed in the match. Think of a tag as being a lifeline. It means you get to sit the round out (unless you're tagged back in).

Be The Booker – Both, or all participants in the match are given a match with actual wrestlers which they must book from the entrances to the celebration after the match and call everything in between. Whoever can book the best match wins.

Beat The Clock – The person who completes the task within the shortest amount of time wins.

Blindfold Match – There will be five quick rounds. Unlike a regular match, you will private message or email your posts directly to the GM, and be unable to see what your opponent has posted. Between rounds, the GM will ask you to pick a # between 1 and 3. If you correctly guess the #, you get to see one of your opponent's posts, chosen at random, the GM sending it to you by private message or email. Once you read your opponent's post, you may rebut/critique what he said in the next round. At the end of five rounds all the posts and rebuttals will be posted and judged, and the GM will choose a winner for each round. Win at least three of the five rounds to win the match. The fun of the Blindfold Match is not knowing what your opponent is posting. You know his position but can't see his argument, so you have to guess what points he's likely to make. Then, as in a real blindfold match, you might suddenly sense where your opponent is. You get to read his argument and can refine your rebuttal.

Casket – The winner is the first person to put his or her opponent in or through the object. Before the match begins, each competitor will give their GM a number from 1-5. Your object is to guess your opponents #. In order to do so, your GM must rank your post with a rating of at least 7/10. If you do so, you have put him or her in the casket/through the table. There will be up to four rounds where you can guess. If your GM doesn't give you at least a 7/10 for you post, you can't pick a number that round. If both of you pick the right # in the same round, the user with the best post in that round wins. If neither person guesses the correct number, the last round will determine the winner based on who has the better post. The loser will receive a 48 hour ban (however the ban will not go against your ban history.)

Challenge – Can be anything, really. You will never really know what your task is ahead of time.

Elimination – Every opponent must be eliminated. The last person remaining wins.

Elimination Chamber – 6 competitors compete in the elimination cage match. In this version, all 6 start out in the match. Like many other matches, there will be plenty of quick rounds. The user with the best post of the round has immunity. Every user will then pick a number. 1-6 will randomly represent each person. If the most picked number is your number - you're out. If you have immunity & your number is picked, nobody is eliminated and another round begins. If every number is picked evenly, the user with the worst post of the quick round is eliminated. Numbers change each round.

Escape – Get the highest scoring post to escape and be safe until the next round. This match could have 4 or more people and if you are the last one left in the are eliminated. If you escape you advance to the next round. It finally comes down to 2 people and the person left in the match loses.

First Blood – This match has several quick rounds. Each user starts with 100% head health. The person with the best post of the quick round does damage to his or her opponents. The amount of damage done depends on how good the post was. The damage goes to the person with the worst post of the round. Once your head health reaches 0%, you are bleeding and are eliminated. The winner is the last person not bleeding.

Gauntlet– Two people start out, and another person comes in after each decision. The last person remaining wins. (You want to have a late entrant number)

Hardcore – There will be four quick rounds. Winning quick rounds means you can gain a weapon. Each weapon has a different effect - see the list below. Each quick round post will be rated out of 10. The user with the most amount of points in the end wins.

Hell In A Cell – You will have 48 hours to compete in this match. The winner is the first person to reach 100 points. You will be given a list of at least around 10 topics/challenges. Each is worth 20 points and you will be graded on each. There are no rebuttals/critiques in this match. This is one of the hardest matches to win.

Ironman – Whoever wins the most rounds within the time limit wins.

Item on a Pole – An item or weapon that's tbd is available for grabs. You might not actually know what the weapon is that's available. Items & weapons help you out. If it's an item, the first person to get the item wins. If it's a weapon, the effect the weapon has will help determine the winner. Read the Weapon section to learn about effects. This is pretty much a singles match in terms of your goal - you want to have the best opening post (which will be rated 1-25). Whoever has it gets the item/weapon.

Ladder – There will be several quick rounds (if needed). The first person to win a quick round has a chance to reach for the title, briefcase, or contract. The GM will ask you to pick a # from 1-5. If you correctly guess the right #, you win the match. If you don't, another round will begin.

Last Man Standing – You will only have 24 hours to complete your post(s) in this match. You will then have 2 more hours for rebuttals/critiques only - however your main post must be submitted within the 24 hours time limit. Possibly the hardest match, you will be given many topics/challenges in a list. You want to complete as many of them as you can as if they were each part of a seperate match. Each topic/challenge you complete will be graded out of 20, so get easier ones out of the way. Rebuttals will be graded out of 10. The user with the most total points in the end wins.

Lumberjack – 10 people not in the match will surround the ring (5 face / 5 heel). There will be three quick rounds. After every round, your posts will be graded 1-15. The loser will be thrown out to the lumberjacks and will lose points off his final score. If you win the first quick round, your opponent loses 1 point off his/her final score. If you win the second quick round, your opponent loses 2 points off his/her final score. If you win the third & final quick round, your opponent loses 3 points off his/her final score.

Open Challenge – You can have any amount of points in an open challenge match. The open challenge match usually a way to get points. In most open challenge matches, anybody can compete, and there isn't a limit. If a champion issues an open challenge match, the first person(s) to post gets the spot. If there is more than one spot, the first ___ many get the spots.

Pick Your Poison – Two people who are in a rivalry get to hand pick opponents for their rival.

Roulette – Both/all participants give an idea for a challenge. Their challenge is then selected at random, so they have to give their opponent something hard to accomplish but make sure it's not too hard or else they might have to "bite their own bullet".

Scaffold – A standard debate, where you and your opponent take opposite sides of an issue and alternate posts. At any time, either of you may decide to end the match. The moment you end the match, no further posts from you will be allowed, and your opponent gets 24 hours to post a last response.
The Scaffold Match would add a new element of strategy to a debate. If you feel like you've made an airtight case, end the match (try to push your opponent off the scaffold), and allow your opponent one last uncontested post. You might have won it (your opponent flies off the scaffold), but your opponent might have been holding his best argument back, and could use those last 24 hours to steal victory from you. (You tried to push him off the scaffold, but he dodged and used your momentum against you to push you off instead.)

Special Referee – One special outside referee (judge) will call the match. Ksquall1 has no saying what-so-ever (unless there's a screwjob).

Steel Cage – The letters A-J will randomly represent the numbers 1-10. You will add your numbers up & the first user to get a total number that reaches 20 wins. There will be one normal round to decide who gets the first two numbers. You will each alternate picking two numbers until one of you wins. If your opening post isn't rated at least a 6, you only pick one number at a time. You each get 5 total numbers.

Submission – Your objective here is to critique your opponent's post. While you want to have a strong opening post, your critique (rebuttal) will usually be the winning factor.

Table – Both/All competitors create a thread on the given topic. They will have 24 hours from the time the thread was posted to get as many quality posts as they can. You may only get one quality post from each username. No copying/pasting is allowed. The opening post will be judged from 1-25. In addition, the thread with the most quality posts will receive an additional 5 points. After judging is complete, the person with the most amount of points will put the other person through a table, thus winning the match.

Texas Bull Rope – You each pick a topic (they can't be similar) that must be approved by the GM. You will both have to make a post about both topics. You may have 1 rebuttal/critique post. Your post will be worth 30 points. Your rebuttal/critique will be worth 5 points.

Three Stages of Hell – 3 matches within a match. First to win 2 matches wins.

You're Fired – This is pretty much a "Pink Slip on the Pole" match. The first person to get the pink slip wins. The loser leaves the ISB for two months. There will be several quick rounds (if needed). The first person to win a quick round has a chance to reach for the pink slip. The GM will ask you to pick a # from 1-5. If you correctly guess the right #, you win the match. If you don't, another round will begin.

-Rare Matches-

Royal Rumble – Everybody may compete in this elimination match. This match is very rare.

Money In The Bank – The winner is the first person to get the briefcase. He or she gets a contract to challenge for any title. 6-8 people compete in this match. There will be several quick rounds (if needed). The first person to win a quick round has a chance to reach for the briefcase. The GM will ask you to pick a # from 1-10. If you correctly guess the right #, you win the match. If you don't, another round will begin.

Survivor Series - 5 vs. 5 Elimination – remaining winners then battle each other until there is 1 winner.


Briefcase – Gaining this means you've won a contract to compete for a title.
Pink Slip – Gaining this item means you're opponent is fired.
Title – Gaining this item means you've won the title


This is for the Hardcore & Item/Weapon on a Poll match.

Chair: This will knock two points of your opponent's final score.
Sledgehammer: This will knock three points of your opponent's final score.
Thumbtacks: This will knock five points off your opponent's final score.
Ladder: This will add three points to your final score.
Ring Bell: This will allow you to pick two more weapons.
Kendo Stick: This will give your opponent two points to be added to his final score.
Table: This will knock three points off your final score.
Barbedwire: This will knock five points off your final score


Count Out: Failing to finish your post within the alloted time will result in a loss if you're scheduled in a match.

Disqualification: Getting banned for breaking the TOS if it's for an ISB related reason. In addition to getting disqualified, you will lose 5 points & you may be suspended for an unknown amount of time.

Low Blow/Foreign Object: If you are caught plegiarizing someone else's work, you will lose 2 points and automatically lose the match (depending on how much you cheated). You must give credit where credit's due.

No Show: If you pull a "no-show" two weeks straight, you will lose 2 points automatically. If you can't compete in a match, let the GM know ahead of time.

Submission/Knockout: If you're being owned badly, you might as well just stop. The Referee/GM may stop a match early if it's one sided.

Info –

SAVE YOUR WORK: IGN isn’t always our friend so save your work, if you attempt to type your match post on the board and not on a word processing application and IGN owns you then there is nothing me or you can do about it!

Schedule: Being part of the ISB means being responsible. You should check this thread often. See if you're booked in a match in the weekly match threads also, because we don't plan on PMing everybody.

Quick Rounds: Some matches have quick rounds in them. A quick round means there will be rounds that have easy challenges. These challenges may be completed within a short time limit (12 or 24 hours). Example - If it's a debate style match, you must quickly make an opening post within say 24 mins. If you don't, you will lose the quick round. The next round may be a rebuttal round where you would have 12 hours to get your post in.

Titles: Each title is defended at least once a month (unless the GM says otherwise). If it isn't, a GM may strip the title from the holder. There may be times the title is defended several times within a month. You can hold more than one title - just make sure you can defend them. You may ask for a title shot, though it's not promised. Usually, a GM will either manually book title shots or have #1 contender matches.

Last edited by fn on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:58 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Fixed duplicates and adjusted the spacing.)
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||---||ISB: IGN SmackDown! Board Home Thread||---||
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