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PostSubject: HISTORY BRAH   HISTORY BRAH Icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 3:42 pm

ISB started in early 2007 with two brands. Raw which was operated by Inferno619 and SmackDown which was operated by jim784m. After Justin couldn't maintain his position at the top of Raw for long he would be replaced by the duo of Ksquall1 and -hbk_showstoppa. The first WrestleMania saw the main event of jin1917 taking on the challenger IntelligentOne16cam. Myke was the first Raw World Debate Champion and on SmackDown that title was quickly won by ironcurtain1. Christian would have a short reign before being annihilated by the great edenborn.

As the ISB rolled into June the creation of the ECW brand was enabled by the polarizing Hitman_Hart. ECW took on a whole new aspect of graphics into the world of ISB. Around that same time we saw the promotion of edenborn to the position of SmackDown General Manager. Interesting fact as well saw Gamer4566/RKO-Cutter begin his reign as the longest Cruiserweight Champion in the history of the ISB. He would hold the title through December when he hit the "overall maximum" of 89 before releasing his title.

On Raw coop-dog929 was annihilating the competition holding the X Division, Raw Thread, and one half of the Raw Tag Team Championships. With Jairo in charge of the ISB ECW brand a lot of new changes were going down. There was less debating, the creation of the OPKO match, and the inclusion of Survivor Board game matches. He made the ECW brand a more liberal "easygoing" creation of the ISB. Jairo would run the brand through the summer before giving way to BigAC88 and M_uNiT2k5. Before this happened however the ISB tried out a formal web-site under Jairo's direction which failed.

After edenborn had stepped down the ISB SmackDown Championship was up for grabs and was won by deadman3205. ECW had been dominated by LeopardZ and Raw was now under RKOmaster_ who had annihilated Cameron and won the title. Raw was a two headed monster with Jake and Brendan running the show while ECW was being ran by Zach with Jairo's in charge and SmackDown was the strongest brand. With ECW having a small roster the concept of cross-branding was introduced. Many guys worked between ECW and SmackDown with a small exception working between Raw and ECW. coop-dog929 worked all three brands.

The first ever SummerSlam was named PromoSlam with the influx of spamming and impromptu promos taking place. The big story was edenborn and Jim going back and forth with each other with the wrath of godzilla making way against the commissioner. Notable result here saw Brendan winning the Raw Championship.

Jairo quit shortly thereafter putting Mike and Andrew in charge. ECW became a very well ran brand with most users wanting to be apart of it. That was the day nWo4Life26 was named chairman of the ISB. The simulation entered the POISON era just in time for edenborn to step down from his post naming jeff_hardy_rulz and 619isDeadly as his replacements. The duo started off poorly but cleaned it up to head into a very impressive showing at the poor Survivor Series PPV. The PPV took place during Survivor and led to absolute chaos among people causing the chairman to flip a massive shitsy on everyone. Survivor Series showed as a huge bust. Shortly thereafter the Raw brand folded as Kevin resigned leaving the brand in the hands of CDawg003.

Within moments of Chase being named GM the entire roster quit. Raw would end up folding leaving only two brands, SmackDown and ECW. Armageddon was a solid PPV seeing FredTheGreat1 win the SmackDown Championship from deadman3205. Jeff would resign leaving Dan in charge of the brand. Jairo would create a resurgence of the Raw brand only to leave several weeks later returning back to the two brands. With Jairo returning again trying to be in charge of the ECW brand users tried to drive Mike and Andrew out of their positions. The two of them would resign for 12 hours before being reinstated. In January the brand would be converted into the Raw brand.

To be continued...
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