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 ISB 5th Annual Royal Rumble PPV

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PostSubject: ISB 5th Annual Royal Rumble PPV   Sat May 19, 2012 12:24 am

Here is the complete archive of the ISB Royal Rumble PPV. Notable match posts will be added here so we can have a running history within the ISB. Enjoy taking a look back at recent history.

ISB World Championship Match

Match Type: Debate
Match Topic:

The Undertaker’s Streak

Pick one superstar whether in WWE currently or out of WWE who you feel would be the most fitting for The Undertaker to have his final match against. The two of you can come to a consensus of the due date for your opening responses, just be sure to tell me of your due date. First-come first serve basis on your choices as well.

ISB Pure Championship Match

Match Type: Thread
Match Topic:

A New Creation Mode

Create An Arena was the newest addition to the Creation Suite on WWE games in WWE ’12. With this new mode in mind, design a new create mode or redesign one from a former WWE game and tell us exactly how you’d like to see it implemented on a future WWE game.

ISB Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

Match Type: Jr. Heavyweight One Post KO (1000 words or less)
Match Topic:

Mr. Excitement John Laurinaitis

He’s the Executive Vice President and Interim General Manager of Monday Night RAW Mr. John Laurinaitis. Lately his job is in jeopardy on WWE television. How do you feel that WWE Creative should handle Johnny Ace’s character? Should he be fired? Where do you see WWE having his direction in the following months? If the two of you agree on wanting the word limit to be off during the match if it interferes with your thoughts then I’ll listen to it.

The Royal Rumble Match

The Royal Rumble Match is going to be handled in a familiar and fairly simple fashion. The official list of Royal Rumble participants are, below and any surprise entrants of course are listed as such. Choice of entry is randomized by number generator (every participant has a number) and when you’re entered into the rumble it’ll be posted in this thread so be sure to check this thread often. I’ll try to send as many PMs as I can as well to help out in any way I can. The first two entrants into the Rumble and the topic for today is listed below the participants.

1) -InSANEity-
2) Astus
3) Einzi_25
4) EoinC417
5) Hardyzforever
6) Jpmegami
7) JuiceBox96
8) HaasGotSkill
9) Manup733
10) Moazzam23
11) -Delirious69
12) Staple_Gun
13) Arnaldo
14) The_Sigh
15) The_Swanton_Bomb/Gen.Now
16) TrailBlazerDude
17) WorkerBeez
18) Wweboo
19) Hitmonshark
20) Joemetts10
21) Surprise Entrant #1
22) Surprise Entrant # 2

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ISB 5th Annual Royal Rumble PPV
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